CCTV Inspection

Pipe & Plant performs inspections for municipal, industrial, and residential clients on sewer and storm pipelines ranging in size from 3" to 210". Our NASSCO certified Inspection Technicians utilize CCTV technology to inspect sewer laterals and manholes to identify structural defects. We can mobilize our teams on an emergency basis, in addition to establishing long term contracts for large scale condition assessments.

Accurate CCTV Inspection Data

Our NASSCO certified CCTV inspection technicians perform visual inspections of pipelines, manholes, and sewer laterals to produce comprehensive condition assessments for our clients. Our team of professionals utilizes industry-leading technology to identify structural defects, obstructions, and improper installation.

We combine our visual assessment with Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping to demonstrate where our client’s most critical pipeline segments exist so they can allocate their maintenance dollars effectively.

CCTV Inspection San Francisco

Multi-Sensor Inspections

We utilize a full 360-degree view of an inspection area to code pipeline deficiencies per NASSCO standards, ensuring that our CCTV inspection data is standardized and accurate. Our diversified inspection technology allows our team to assess the condition of virtually any pipe regardless of its size, amount of debris, or flow rate.
Ibak Panoramo 150

Sonar Profiling

We utilize SONAR technology in instances where there is a large amount of debris/sediment below springline of a pipe with heavy flow. Sonar inspections allow our teams to collect sufficient data in large diameter pipes when bypass pumping and flow diversion is not a practical solution.
sonar profiling

Laser Profiling

LDAR technology is utilized to identify pipe ovality and deterioration with pinpoint accuracy when a traditional CCTV video cannot provide sufficient information. Our team utilizes specialized software to detail the specific amount of deterioration so we can provide the recommended rehabilitation methods.
laser profiling

NASSCO Certified

The National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) is a nationwide association that sets the industry standards for the assessment, maintenance, and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure services across the United States. NASSCO was founded with the vision of increasing awareness of aging underground infrastructure and providing viable solutions through education, technical resources, and industry advocacy.

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