Pipe & Plant’s proprietary pipeline cleaning technology produces an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for removing debris and preventing the degradation of sewer and storm pipelines. We perform work for municipal, commercial, and residential clients across the country, so whether your pipes are 6″ or 240″ our team has the necessary equipment and experience to complete the job.

Superior Hydro Jetting Power

Pipe & Plant owns and manages a proprietary fleet of Hydro-Vac vehicles and equipment that have the power to clean and remove large amounts of debris. We can hydro jet pipelines with conventional jets or our proprietary nozzles that pump up to 360 gallons per minute at 2,000 psi. The strength of our proprietary system allows for our teams to clean large diameter pipes more efficiently than municipalities and our competitors.

Pipeline Maintenance Process

Pipe & Plant is a full-service pipeline cleaning company with an intensive process framed around capacity management. Our goal is to restore, optimize, and maintain the maximum capacity of your operations to keep your pipes clean and prevent disasters like sanitary sewer overflows and sinkholes from happening.

Pipeline Cleaning Solutions

  • Debris Disposal
  • Traffic control 
  • Operating in sensitive areas
  • Overcoming pipeline access difficulties
  • Bypassing and diverting flow in large diameter pipes
  • Coordinating with utilities companies, municipal bodies, and subcontractors

Committed to Environmentally Safe Practices

Pipe & Plant takes special care to ensure environmentally safe practices in the field. In our method for decanting and waste removal, we separate all solids for easy disposal while water used in the process is returned to the sewer. Grit and debris can be collected “paint filter” dry to be disposed of at landfills.

Pipe and Plant is unique in our ability to clean large pipes without requiring clean water. Our solution is to use screened box separators with blackwater or greywater. This method is environmentally friendly with no need for potable water to clean sewers. It’s a forward-thinking approach that delivers superior cleaning results – We have built and operate our own proprietary system of using sewer water to clean the sewer. That means more clean water for drinking and critical usage, and no introduction of water into the system from cleaning – thus reducing the volume of water to be processed at wastewater treatment plants.

Debris Removed from Sewers

Pipe & Plant’s teams have explored sewer systems across the country and have seen it all when it comes to the type of debris clogging pipelines. Check out some of the debris we have removed!

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