Digester Tank Cleaning

We perform digester tank cleaning for municipal wastewater facilities and commercial clients. Our cleaning and inspection teams are trained and certified in Emergency Response and Confined Space Rescue techniques, ensuring safety when flushing, pumping, venting, and removing organic and inorganic material.

Confined Space Rescue

Our team is trained in confined space rescue procedures to ensure safety when entering an environment that has restricted access. We are accustomed to acquiring all the necessary permits for entering a space that contains a hazardous atmosphere, and setting up proper ventilation and emergency rescue to procedures.

Hazardous Waste Operations

Pipe & Plant’s digester tank cleaning teams are trained in the most up to date Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) protocols. Per OSHA standards, HAZWOPER certified contractors are trained in the cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste, and the necessary emergency response techniques for working in an environment that contains hazardous material. Safety is the number one priority when working with hazardous waste.

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