Wastewater Treatment Plant Services

At Pipe & Plant, we routinely deploy specially trained crews to inspect and restore wastewater treatment plants to optimal operating capacity. We always start with a detailed assessment of the problem areas to develop workable solutions and take care to secure all necessary approvals in order to minimize impacts to wastewater treatment plant operations. Then we go to work!

Problem Solving. Solution Driven.

We offer a full suite of plant services. Some of our services are performed under public advertised bid, while others are performed on an emergency basis. We also perform services for private clients under contract that can be tailored to the specific problem and solution.

From headworks to the outfall, wastewater treatment plants tend to accumulate debris in ways that were not anticipated in their original design. The advent of flushable wipes has exacerbated plant operations. Rags clog pumps, grit accumulates where it’s not supposed to, and centrate lines become encrusted with struvite. Call us today to help return your plant to optimal operating capacity.

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