Wastewater Treatment Plant Services

At Pipe & Plant, we routinely deploy specially trained crews to inspect and restore WWTP design operations – starting with a detailed assessment of the problem areas to develop workable solutions, while taking care to secure all the necessary approvals.

Problem Solving. Solution Driven.

We offer a full suite of WWTP services, including certified haz-mat divers. Some of our services are performed under public advertised bid, while others are performed on an emergency basis. We also perform services for private clients under contract that can be tailored to the specific problem and solution.

From headworks to plant outfalls, wastewater treatment plants tend to accumulate debris in ways that were not anticipated in their original design engineering and plant construction. The advent of flushable wipes has exacerbated debris problems. Rags clog pumps, grit accumulates where it’s not supposed to, and centrate lines become encrusted with struvite.

At WWTPs, we work on headworks, lift stations, conduits, pipelines, oxygenation chambers, process lines, clarifiers, digesters, wet wells, and much more.  If you have an operations debris problem at a WWTP, we have the resources and experience to fix the problem through capacity restoration cleaning work.

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