PG&E Cross bore Inspections

As an approved PG&E cross bore inspection vendor, we help our clients stay safe by accurately locating utility lines that have pierced or completely bored through sewer lateral lines. We conduct LACP coding of lateral lines and coordinate with utility companies to ensure cross bores are repaired and relocated properly.

What is a Cross Bore Inspection?

During the installation of new gas lines Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E),  may have pierced or completely bored through private sewer laterals that Underground Service Alert has not marked. Cleaning a sewer line with a crossbore can lead to punctured gas lines, causing hazardous gas leaks and explosions. It’s crucial that clients have their laterals inspected to ensure that there are no crossbore hazards present.

Cross Bore Solutions

Our team starts by cleaning sewer mainlines and lateral lines as required to gain acceptable video footage. Once the lines are clean we perform lateral launching from the mainline to the structure to collect GPS data locating the exact position of the crossbore. If a crossbore is found we coordinate with the necessary authorities to repair the lateral line and relocate the gas line.

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