Infrastructure Asset Management

Pipe & Plant has expertise leading large scale underground infrastructure asset management projects for municipalities. Our team provides comprehensive condition assessments by leveraging data and GIS mapping to outline necessary structural optimizations to underground infrastructure.

Data Driven Condition Assessments

Pipe & Plant utilizes a variety of CCTV and Multi sensor technology to identify structural deficiencies in underground infrastructure. Our ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data during our inspections allow for our teams to provide strategic recommendations that improve the operations of our clients’ underground assets. Our Condition Assessment skillset includes:
  • Compiling and Analyzing Data
  • Identifying Problematic Segments
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Identifying Maintenance Requirements and Schedules
  • Collaborating with Engineering Firms to Restore Operations
We present results to owners/clients to aid decision-making in regard to future rehabilitation, cleaning programs, as well as recommendations for additional targeted inspections and optimizing the allocation of current resources.

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    Asset Management Projects:

    • Condition assessment
    • Data compilation and analysis
    • Identifying problem areas
    • Action plan development
    • Identifying maintenance requirements and schedules