City of Elizabeth


 Elizabeth, New Jersey

The Problem

PPSI was contracted to complete the cleaning of a critical section of 60” Interceptor for the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey. In addition to capacity restoration, the owner’s goals included CCTV inspection of the entire pipeline to be cleaned. This CCTV inspection was to be done while bypassing flows up to 6 MGD to allow for a complete visual inspection of the pipeline.

Our Solution

Cleaning access was a challenge on this particular project due to elevated manholes, adjacent wetlands, and levees located on and around the pipeline. Using both careful work sequencing and unique strategies to mobilize heavy equipment in difficult to reach areas, PPSI was able to complete the cleaning of the Interceptor. PPSI was required to construct access to the cleaning area that could later be removed to restore work areas to pre-contract conditions. After a section of the Interceptor was cleaned, a multi-stage bypass was assembled to completely dewater the interceptor Segment to be televised during the CCTV inspection. Close coordination with multiple utilities local government agencies was critical to complete the bypass and inspection in a limited time window.

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