Bypass and Flow Diversion

At Pipe and Plant we pride ourselves in our ability to develop custom engineering solutions that bypass segments of pipeline and dewater structures so our teams can perform proper cleaning and maintenance.

Working around the problem

We can bypass when a pipe needs to be completely dewatered to perform a 360-degree interior CCTV inspection. With little or no water in the pipe, there is insufficient storage capacity upstream and this is when backups or overflows can occur.

Working around the problem

We can also build a pipeline bypass prior to trenchless rehabilitation work. In this case, water must be stopped from entering a structure in order to dewater it. We bypass, divert flow, or plug the pipeline upstream from the structure in order to stop the water before dewatering. We do this work in small pipes and structures all the way up to the largest

If there is no way to completely bypass or divert water we can store the (waste)water in mobile frac trailers on site until the work is complete. We can then gradually return the water from the frac trailers back into the system at an approved flow rate. Alternatively, water can be processed onsite and used for jetting while solids can be separated and disposed of at an approved facility.

This type of work requires extensive confined space entry experience and the ability to drawn on multi-disciplinary construction methods for success. PPSI field crews have the experience and tenacity to safely perform this work. Depending upon the pipe or structure, we can dewater using either a combination of jet vac trucks and hydraulic or electric submersibles or trash pumps.

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