Parkmerced Infrastructure Asset Management

CLIENT: Maximus Real Estate Partners, LLC
LOCATION: San Francisco, California
SERVICES: CCTV Inspection and Infrastructure Asset Management


Our client was tasked by the SFPUC to provide CCTV inspection of sewer lines in their residential complex, Parkmerced, before starting a new residential housing development project. They needed to show what lines were still structurally intact in order to tap into new sewer laterals and identify what needed to be replaced.


Pipe & Plant provided CCTV Panoramo Inspections to generate a condition assessment of 5,000 LF of Sanitary Sewer pipelines of diameters of 12” to 24” through various locations within the residential community. Once the inspections were complete, we generated a condition assessment report, including a structural integrity map, an inspection log, and notifications to the SFPUC regarding discrepancies in GIS mapping of the sewer system based on the data collected during our CCTV inspection.

  • Complex traffic control
  • Short time-frame the work
  • Communicating with student residents to about parking and traffic issues
  • CCTV Panoramo Inspection
  • Condition Assessment Consulting
  • Sewer Cleaning, Traffic Control
  • Permitting