Middlesex County Utilities Authority of New Jersey


Middlesex County, New Jersey

The Problem

Super Storm Sandy adversely affected Middlesex County causing much of their critical wastewater infrastructure to be submerged by flooding. Staffing and personnel changes resulted in insufficient information on siphon chambers in a crisis situation. Wastewater wasn’t flowing normally, so it was clear that the triple barrel siphon design capacity was severely compromised. The siphon required a thorough inspection and cleaning to restore the structure back to full capacity.

Our Solution

Pipe and Plant deployed a specially trained siphon cleaning crew to perform a series of linked actions to resolve the problem:

  • Managed wastewater within chambers while cleaning with jet-vac method
  • Conducted inspections with CCTV and sonar
  • Remove debris
  • Restore capacity
  • Inspect to full contract specification.

Project Challenges

Work Elements